QTI Line Follower AppKit for the Small Robot

QTI Line Follower AppKit for the Small Robot
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This kit uses QTI infrared emitter/receiver modules to easily enhance the line-following capability of your Boe-Bot, ActivityBot 360°, or Arduino Shield-Bot robot. Mount three or four sensors underneath the chassis, and adjust the position to detect lines of different widths. Learning to use the QTI is easy with the illustrated instructions and example BlocklyProp, Propeller C, BASIC Stamp, or Arduino code. This kit includes all the circuit and sensor hardware you need to add QTIs to your Parallax small robot.

Key Features:
  • Designed for close proximity infrared detection
  • Use as a digital sensor array to detect black lines in order to follow electrical tape courses or navigate mazes
  • Use as an analog sensor to detect shades of gray
  • Challenge your friends by setting up a robot line following competitions!
Note: You will need to supply your own robot, white poster board, and black electrical tape.

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