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eTape Standard Liquid Level Sensor, 12-inch

eTape Standard Liquid Level Sensor, 12-inch
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Solid-state eTape sensors make it easier to monitor the height of fluids — liquid or a fine powder — in a container. Placed vertically in a container, eTape senses the hydrostatic pressure applied by the fluid to the portion of the sensor that is submerged. 

eTape sensors output a value in a continuous range corresponding to the fluid level along the entire length of the sensor, ideal where a single-point fluid level detection is not enough.  The slim, low-profile sensor has no moving parts and fits unobtrusively where there may not be enough room for mechanical float devices.

eTape Liquid Level Sensors produce a variable resistance output.  If your application is more suited to monitoring a voltage output, you may want to use the sensor with the optional eTape 0-5VDC Linear Resistance to Voltage Module.

Key Features:
  • Rated for use with non-corrosive, non-edible fluids
  • Crimpflex male pins easily connect to microcontroller projects
  • Reference resistor pins allow for optional temperature compensation
  • Protected vent hole to equilibrate with atmospheric pressure
Application Ideas:
  • Evaporation rate monitor
  • Aquatic projects
  • Industrial mixing control systems
Note:  The Standard eTape Liquid Level Sensors are designed for measuring non-corrosive, non-edible fluids. See the related Chemical eTape Liquid Level sensors for chemical, petroleum, and food-safe applications.

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