Arduino Leonardo - Electronical Lock

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This project is just the barebones. It's an 3X4 Matrix Numpad with an 4 rows x 20 characters display and a servo (optional).


  • Enable Changing the passcode while the pragram is running
  • Enable the servo (only usefull for testing purposes )
  • Enable the serial debug (only for test purposes or nerds :-) )

Further code changes can be found on my github page:

Arduino Leonardo - Electronical Lock - BOM

Arduino Leonardo - clone Direct leverbaar This one is a home brew leonardo from € 12,00 20x4 Karakters lcd module blauw Direct leverbaar With the I2C module for easy communication with the leonardo € 7,00 4x4 Button keypad Direct leverbaar 3X4 button keypad works to € 3,40 FEETECH High-Torque Servo FS5115M Direct leverbaar This servo is from HITEC Servo (optional) € 26,95 I2C LCD interface module Direct leverbaar I2C LCD interface module € 2,30 Totaal € 51,65

How does the code work?

  • First we create all our variables (A lot at first but we use them all)
  • Seccond we initialise all our libraries
    • The keypad library requires us to give the Keymap (Where every key is positioned), how many rows and colloms there are and where the pins are connected to
    • The LCD library requires us to give some stuff too
    • The servo library requires us to create an attribute for our new servo
  • Functions:
    • The initialisation of the LCD Now to start the program we want to test if the lcd is fully functional by:
      • Enabeling, disabeling and reanabeling the backlight
      • Showing the start message on the screen
    • The ability to disable backlight afther 30 secconds
    • Getting the pressed key
    • Getting the code from user input
    • Check the code if it's correct or not
    • Open or close the lock
    • Read and write the stored code to eeprom memory
    • Getting a new code while the program is running
    • Comparing the to given codes and see if they match
  • Setup:
    • Getting the eeprom code
    • When enabled initialize the servo library to attach to the servo
    • Initialize the lcd
    • When enabled initialize the Serial communication
  • Main Loop:
    • Getting the keypress
    • When you are in the unlocked state and you press * the lock is going to close
    • When you are in the unlocked state and you press # the lock will enter "Change Passcode" state
    • Open the lock when the LockState in true same as Opened (Pretty straigth foreward isn't it)
    • Or getting user input to get the code.
Arduino Leonardo - Electronical Lock - Opened Arduino Leonardo - Electronical Lock - Opened
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