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Arduino Leonardo - Electronical Lock

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Now we have most of are functions ready to use so we are able to write the main part of the program.

So first we have to get the EEPROM code if there's already one stored in the EEPROM, then we have to setup the Servo and Initialize the LCD.

I didn't talk about the Auto disable backlight function but it doesn't matter because it's not really difficult to understand.

So this is the code

The Setup and Loop part of the program

Huidige pagina 10. The code - part 5 - Setup and Loop 1. Introduction 2. The Schematic 3. The Keypad 4. The LCD module 5. The servo 6. The code - part 1 - The Keypad 7. The code - part 2 - The LCD 8. The code - part 3 - The code 9. The code - part 4 - More codes 10. The code - part 5 - Setup and Loop 11. The full code Geschreven door


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